2017 - "Urban Neapolis" Art for a cure - Curated by: Mattia Fagnoni Onlus & Associazione MURo - Castel Dell’Ovo - Naples, Italy

2016 - "In the Nest" curated by Rossana Calbi - Not Your Dolls - Rome, Italy

- Exit Voto - group exhibition curated by Rossana Calbi - Parione 9 Gallery - Roma, Italy

- The Dark One - group exhibition curated by Helena Reis - Penumbra Art Boutique & Studio  Loures, Portugal.

2015 - “StelleMorte" curated by Gerlanda di Francia & Ottavia Starace, HulaHoop Gallery  

Rome, Italy

2014 -“Dal Cinema al Fumetto" (Omaggio a Rodolfo Valentino) curated by Alessio Fortunato

(Sergio Bonelli Editore) - Palazzo Pantaleo - Taranto

2013 - Mad Hatters group exhibition - curated by Ixie Darkonn - Flower Pepper Gallery

Pasadena, Ca - USA.

- 50 matite per Rodolfo Valentino - curated by Alessio Fortunato (Sergio Bonelli Editore)  RodolfoValentino Museum - Castellaneta, Italy.



- “Relatos Ilustrados Opticks” - Ilustration of the story "Las uñas de Hölderlin" by

Ricardo Bellveser - Alicante, Spain.

-  Illustrations for "Le Torri della Cucina - Vol.2" by Antelmo Gerardo, Ali&no editrice - Perugia, Italy.



• Intervista di Riccardo Colella per 13 Magazine  




• Intervista di Daniela Ciabattini per Russia Oggi  


Lisinka is a child who lives in my soul.

I was born in Rome, by Russian mother and Italian father.

At the age of sixteen I abandoned Classical Studies, devoting myself to Drawing and Painting. So, I studied Decoration and Restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

Inspired by Russian fairy tales and lullabies of my childhood, I draw everything I love, exploring the inside of my imagination. Thus "Lisinka" is born: a blank sheet on which to engrave all that fascinates and terrifies me, a sacred refuge marked by old fears and wonders, where dolls and symbolic objects receive a soul.

Geared to the future and reassured by memories, I retrace the places of my childhood in an eternal present, with the burden of transgression and restlessness that it brings.


Untitled  |  © lisinka 2017  |  All rights reserved



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